Why I’m grateful for 2020

As my 22nd blog and final blog posting for this year it seemed fitting to draw some conclusions on the year.  I’m not sure I can avoid stating the obvious: for most people it has been a truly dreadful year in the UK.  Deaths from coronavirus total 67,000.  Unemployment stands at 1.69million. The bill for coronavirus stands, soContinue reading “Why I’m grateful for 2020”

Corporate Culture is Crucial!

As a leader and people manager, I am fascinated by the culture of successful companies.  I was lucky enough to read Jim Collins’ “Good to Great” fairly early in my career, which looked at 1,435 companies, and found that the most important ingredient in companies that truly thrived was a strong corporate culture.  This was not justContinue reading “Corporate Culture is Crucial!”

Bitcoin Hits All-time high: Why it matters

This week bitcoin hit a record price of $19,920; why, how, and what next, are an intriguing conundrum.  Since the previous high, in 2017, crypto fans have been eagerly awaiting a much-hyped bull run.  It is important to acknowledge the previous high was hardly a bed of roses for the early investors; whilst 2017 saw bitcoin goContinue reading “Bitcoin Hits All-time high: Why it matters”

Women Who Crypto: A force to be reckoned with!

This week’s blog is dedicated to a topic, for obvious reasons, very close to my heart: financial freedom and empowerment for anyone of the female persuasion.   I find it very odd that next to none of the dialogue around finance is tailored to a group that makes up exactly half the population.  That which is out there,Continue reading “Women Who Crypto: A force to be reckoned with!”

Medium Term Investing: Corona Proof your finances

Like many people, I was delighted to hear this week’s new that Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine has 90% effectiveness; the FTSE jubilantly jumped 5% on hearing the news.  The politicians who are charged with looking after our economy, and the lockdown strategy, were less enthusiastic, pointing out both that the vaccine needs regulatory approval, and that itContinue reading “Medium Term Investing: Corona Proof your finances”