Lockdown & The Future of Remote Working!

Understandably, we are all getting a bit neurotic about what the “new normal” will look like post Covid. We’re all running out of ways to use the word “unprecedented”! Second only to the guesstimates on just how cataclysmic our economic forecast looks, is what corona-virus has done to our hither to held as irreversible societalContinue reading “Lockdown & The Future of Remote Working!”

Need for Speed & Valuation Madness

Itis a truth universally acknowledged that speed kills, particularly in start-up land. Every new tech business is obsessed with the maximum addressable market and getting the “hockey stick” of hyper growth. For most immature and cash-strapped businesses, understandably, the quicker they can scale, the better, and ideally aided by VC/PE funding. Timing can be liveContinue reading “Need for Speed & Valuation Madness”