Property Vs Crypto

I have to confess to more than just a soft-spot for property as an asset class.  Prior to crypto, I spent 17 years in the property industry, working across residential, commercial, social housing, hotel developments, lending, and prop tech.  I’ve been personally purchasing rental property since 2005.  The vast majority of those years have been dreamy for propertyContinue reading “Property Vs Crypto”

Crypto: timing is everything

My current role in a crypto business is the third blockchain business and the seventh disruptive start up I have been involved with, so I am an experienced passenger on the roller-coaster of adoption.  As a regular industry commentator, I am often asked where we are at in the lifecycle, and what this means for cryptoContinue reading “Crypto: timing is everything”

Goals: to share or not to share?

I had reason to consider this week if you should share, publicly, your long-term ambitions.   I then remembered my first ever blog post lauded the importance dreaming big, and thus it is time to take some of my own medicine!  Much has been written about goal-setting; in no small way aided by the cacophony of self-helpContinue reading “Goals: to share or not to share?”

Motivation: What COVID has changed forever!

The holy grail of people management is a motivated and happy team.  I am of the belief that any business’ key asset its people, and you can read in my previous blog posts that I am fanatical about the crucial strategic role of HR in hiring and keeping good people.   Post COVID, keeping morale high in aContinue reading “Motivation: What COVID has changed forever!”

HR & Recruitment in tech: A dark and Mysterious Art

Over my career I have been privileged to work with some phenomenal HR leaders; who were lynchpins of the business, through the rare combination of being strategic, emotionally intelligent, and kind.  Alas, more often, I have seen businesses fettered by some truly dreadful HR policies and managers.  I have suspected, for quite some time, that the functionContinue reading “HR & Recruitment in tech: A dark and Mysterious Art”

Building a brand: the search for trust and authenticity

Brand integrity is the “special sauce” of all marketing. That halcyon place that the consumer relates to, and believes in, a brand and its vision. For any business, authenticity is both utterly intangible, and a lofty goal. Even worse, it is a nigh on impossible attribute for banking and finance businesses. Indeed, in an IPSOS poll last year, oneContinue reading “Building a brand: the search for trust and authenticity”

Think big, Act small!

The mantra “think big, act small” is often ascribed to some of the world’s biggest multinational firms.  However, the sentiment has much to teach ambitious businesses focused on scaling up.  Whilst Dacxi is well beyond the “one man in his back-bedroom stage”, and with offices in 6 countries, we are now focused on delivering a “hockeyContinue reading “Think big, Act small!”